Long before the concern over any virus, travelers experiencing our INN over the last 19+ years have consistently pointed out our “cleanliness” as one of their personal takeaways (see Trip Advisor). We want you to be confident that your stay with us in Annapolis will not only be safe, but filled with our special form of hospitality.

  • We follow and exceed all CDC guidelines for cleaning and personal health.  We are continuing to use Earth friendly products that are aligned with our Environmental Policy, and ARE on the EPA’s approved list for use against CoV-2.
  • In July 2020, we began using a Light Progress mobile whole room UV Germicidal Irradiation lamp using UV-C lights. In less than 20 minutes, our model can disinfect any of our Queen rooms (30 minutes for our King suite), deactivating any potential virus, and killing any potential bacteria. We know that the extra expense and effort we accepted are inconsequential compared to providing the CLEANEST, SAFEST accommodation in all of ANNAPOLIS…and arguably anywhere!
  • We have two Air Scrubber Plus by Aerus UVC air purification systems built into the HVAC to address bacteria and virus material in the air. Our model does not require “airing out” of a room. We keep this running 24/7.
  • Our housekeeping offerings will be modified for stay-over guests, including the elimination of a full cleaning service unless specifically requested by guests, and then, we are all about it!!
  • Hand sanitizers are available in the common areas for your own use and comfort.