Cory, born and raised in VA, has been in the hospitality industry for many decades. In his extensive career, he has managed several hotels across the USA including the local ones right here in Annapolis – the Loews Annapolis and the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel (back when they were still those brands!)

With the knowledge and experience he gained from the mainstream industry, coupled with some economic factors and the birth of Josalyn in 1999, he took that leap of faith to become an entrepreneur. In the year 2000, the search began to build their family Bed & Breakfast, Inn at Horn Point. Being his own boss left him with the freedom to spend time with his family, including being the stay at home dad for their newborn daughter.

He is extremely passionate about guests having a great experience, history and the environment.

Carol shares Cory’s passion for the hospitality industry… though with a more behind-the-scenes focus. While the B&B hasn’t always been her main job – she was an IT specialist for many years until 2019 – she has always been a focal part of the business by making sure things run smoothly behind the scenes and using her creative side to “beautify” the INN.

When she isn’t working, Carol loves to travel and experience different cultures and people, through personal interactions and local cuisine. She also has a curiosity for investigating other languages, such as Spanish, French, Arabic and Italian, the last one being a return to her Italian (and New York!) roots.


Josalyn is an important member of the Inn at Horn Point family.  She is often co-Innkeeping with her parents, she still reigns as "Head of Housekeeping", a sous-chef, greeter and concierge. When she isn’t helping out around the family business, she’s completing an Environmental Science degree and is currently an seeking a full time job in her degree. The environment has been a long-standing interest (since first grade!) and has inspired some of her most charitable and notable efforts, such as Josalyn’s Lemonade for the Rainforest.