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How we named our rooms

One year after the original construction of the Victorian home that is known today, as the INN at HoRN PoINT, Chance Marine Construction Company opened its doors here in Eastport. The year was 1903. And the company was building Chesapeake Bay fishing boats to service this all-important local industry. Around 10 years later, under new owners, the name was changed to the Annapolis Yacht Yard and in 1947; the “Yard” was sold to John H. Trumpy and Sons.

For nearly 30 years, Trumpy designed and built luxury yachts here in our neighborhood of Eastport. And when the company closed its doors in late 1973, a local newspaper captured the essence of the Trumpy culture when it said, “Along Spa Creek in Annapolis, the John H. Trumpy & Sons Boatyard became an international symbol of quality craftsmanship. Their majestic gold leaf scroll is easily identified in the far-flung harbors of the globe. The firm’s hallmark was pride.”

Each Trumpy built yacht was painstakingly hand crafted. Every item was refined down to the smallest detail, and when she sailed, she epitomized the highest degree of personal comfort and luxury of the day. Trumpy Yachts were owned and frequented by captains of industry, Heads of State and even Presidents. Frequently her duties included entertaining, the hosting of receptions and fine meals taken on board. It is the history of Trumpy Yachts in Eastport as well as the comfort and luxury they stood for that brought us to use yacht names for each of our guest rooms. Every detail is attended to and we frequently find ourselves entertaining and serving fine meals to our guests who, like Trumpy Yachts, travel all over the world.

What general amenities are found in each room?

Like the Trumpy Yachts, our rooms have original works of art as well as numbered prints to accent our maritime heritage and to bring interest to your surroundings. Each room features unique, custom made window treatments which add elegance and style to match the décor. Each room has a ceiling fan, a closet, a unique area rug and a private bath contained within the guest room. There are alarm clock radios with nature sounds to help you sleep and plush bath blankets for a luxurious shower/bath experience. We have also tried to anticipate every need by providing high-speed Internet cable access, cable television and telephone lines in each guest room.

You will find subtle treasures in the furniture stylings and accessories of each room that will make your decision difficult when choosing your room for your next visit.

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