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Sketch of the Inn at Horn Point

uilt just after the turn of the last century (circa 1902), The INN was at first a modest home with a welcoming wrap-around porch and probably two bedrooms. This original structure, known today as the Captiva and the Maemere rooms (on the 2nd floor), as well as the Parlour and the main dining room. Our best information indicates that a modern kitchen was added within the first 10 to 15 years, as well as an additional bedroom.

The current renovations to the home showed evidence of a second addition that was built in the 1920’s; and that constuction was undertaken to accommodate a family business, probably a neighborhood store. Before an addition could be completed, the owners had to purchase the lot next door. And today, although The INN is one structure with one utility source, county records still list the two properties separately.

During the second addition, there was a small second floor put above the store, perhaps enlarging a master bedroom. Where the store was once added in the 1920’s we now have Enchantress (on the first floor) and a large portion of the Sequoia Suite on the second floor.

In the late 1930’s, following the depression, the family owned store must have gotten back on track financially and a third addition was completed. This included another room on the first floor only and must have allowed the family to expand the store. Currently, this area is a guest room and bath as well as a breakfast room for the Innkeepers.

The fourth and final addition was completed in 2002 on the 100th Anniversary of the laying of the building’s first cornerstone. And it is this that is known as the INN at HORN POINT.

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