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Sketch of the Inn at Horn Point

e delighted in the process of preserving the best that our home has to offer. Features such as the large wrap-around porch with machine and hand-tooled fret molding, double bay windows and original heart pine flooring have been saved to preserve the past as they add a special charm to the atmosphere of the house. In each guest room, the original trim moldings, solid wood doors and plaster walls have either been preserved or painstakingly matched to maintain the look and feel of the original home.

In order to ensure your comfort, our quiet guest rooms top off the list of upgrades to this restored home. Walls, ceilings and floors have been treated with sound deadening insulation. Another way we put your mind at ease is through upgraded safety features. We have installed the latest fire sprinkler protection with an exterior fire department connection.

And there are other ways that we strive to put comfort ahead of everything else. We think that our climate control features bring you the highest degree of satisfaction possible. There is cast iron radiant heat, original to the home, and it is augmented by the latest zone managed, central cooling technology. In addition to other amenities, a refrigerator is conveniently located for guest use only.

100 Chesapeake Avenue ~ Annapolis, Maryland 21403
(410) 268-1126
email Cory: Innkeeper